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Mira-Lisa Katz

Mira-Lisa Katz (dancer/choreographer), a native of Seattle, has been dancing in the Bay Area since 1977. She has performed with Lucas Hoving, Mary Reid, Jill Randall, Dana Lawton, Randee Paufve, Gay White, Ruth Botchan, Virginia Matthews, Nancy Lyons, Mercy Sidbury and other local choreographers. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Dance/Creative Practice at St. Mary’s College of California. Dancer and critic Sarah Chenoweth’s review of Mira’s recent suite of dances, “Change of State,” (2015) can be found here:


In addition to dancing, Mira earned a Ph.D. in Education in Language, Literacy and Culture from U.C. Berkeley in 1999, and has been a Professor of English at Sonoma State University since 2002. She teaches and writes about language, literacy, linguistics, multimodality and dance. Her edited book, Moving IdeasMultimodality and Embodied Learning in Communities and Schools, can be found at and her academic profile is here: