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Into the HeartWood

Performances: Saturday, May 13 11:00 am and 2:00 pm

Open Dress Rehearsal: Saturday, April 29 2:00 pm


Into the heartwood will bring together live music, dance and poetry woven through the exceptional sculpture garden setting at Luther Burbank Center (LBC). At the heart of the inspiration for this performance are the “colossal wood sculptures made from salvaged old-growth redwood stumps and chunks, some trees over 1,000 years old.” We are selecting vocal music that existed over the long life span of these trees, a cross section of music analogous to the cross section of a tree. At the center of the performance and the garden, music that existed 1000 years ago will be sung.  Matinee performances will target children and families and will include an opportunity for children to explore the sculptures immediately following this multidisciplinary art experience.

SoCo Dance Theater  Nicole Basque, Kristen Daley, Nancy Lyons, Virginia Matthews, Gloria E. Rubio-Verduzco, and guests Chelley BonDurant, Ali Dotti, Nancy Lilly, Aimée Otterson, and Jared Wiltse

Quanta Chorale – Directed by Lynne Morrow

Sculptor – Bruce Johnson